I’m available for small freelance projects. My expertise is mostly in Microsoft .NET and Azure Cloud services but I can also help you setup a front-end architecture for your project using Vue.js. Here’s how I can help.

Azure Application Architecture

In Azure, I can design and build your project including App Services, Data Storage and Identity from the ground up. I can also offer you an Azure DevOps first-time setup service to help you get started with implementing your Agile boards, backlogs and sprints. This includes git repository setup with CI/CD pipelines for automated build and release of your project to Azure.


I can help you build back-end services, class libraries, and web applications using ASP .Net Core and give you recommendations on architectures that scale.


I can setup and recommend a front-end architecture for you using Vue.js that includes code for Single Page Apps, Progressive Web Apps and Electron Apps to cover your users on the web, mobile and the desktop.


If all you need is a second pair of eyes on your problem, I can usually help with that too. I have seen my share of problems over the years and I totally enjoy talking people through what they are trying to accomplish, looking over source code, making suggestions and sharing resources to get you past that one last thing that you need help with to get your project over the hump.

Contact Me

Let’s connect on LinkedIn to get things started. We can then do a video call on Zoom or Skype or Google hangouts.